About me

Passionate about engineering and development in computer science, I design and develop software applications using languages like C#, C++ and Python.
Curious and motivated, I can identify and solve problems by pointing out their cause. Thanks to this method, I can proceed step by step: I save time and I am more efficient.
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My professional experiences

I have gained experience in the professional world of IT through different contracts:

Fullstack developer (Java, Angular2) / DevOps, Takima, Paris

  • Internal training in Java, Spring, Hibernate, Docker, Gitlab and Kotlin
  • Practice code reviews and technology watch on a regular basis
See more December 2021 - Today

Independent contractor, Data engineer, web services applications and web design, Rouen

  • Design of infrastructures and data models using Python tools and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Writing REST APIs to improve application flexibility.
  • Designing a website for a film production company: https://www.vsdpproductions.com
See more August 2020 - December 2021

Data Engineer, Pecten, London

  • Using BigQuery, VM and SQL tools from Google Cloud Platform to improve the project
  • Access to multiple data sources, including financial related websites and APIs
  • Maintains solid coding practices (naming conventions) in an Agile environment (Scrum, daily meetings) where communication is key.
See more February 2020 - August 2020

DevOps and Continuous Improvement Software Developer, Altran, Toulouse

  • Scrum planning, design and implementation of algorithms in Python and C
  • Administration of three Jenkins servers for projects
  • Writing technical documentation and user manuals
See more October 2018 - February 2019

Embedded software developer in Altitude, Rouen

  • Programming a flight module for a hydrofoil catamaran
  • Project management and drafting of specifications
  • Parameter setting and regulation of the catamaran's takeoff and navigation
See more January - April 2018

.NET / XAML thick client developer in Knowmore, Paris

  • Automated generation of Word documents. Saving time for the customer
  • Creation and enrichment of interfaces and functionalities
See more June - July 2017

.NET / XAML thick client developer in Knowmore, Paris

  • Development of a software for creating training content
  • Understanding of the software: functioning and functionalities
  • Implementation of new features specific to the editor
  • Creation and improvement of interfaces using WPF and resources provided by UX designers
See more April - June 2017

3D Unity application developer for Hololens in Keyveo, Rouen

  • Development and management of a Hololens application (Unity with C#)
  • Integration of 3D models on the Web (BabylonJS with Typescript)
  • Realization of user interfaces (HTML and CSS Bootstrap) and implementation of server-side functionalities (PHP)
See more September - October 2016

Symfony Web Developer CDD at Kepler Solutions, Nantes

  • Development of a fully Web-based VO/VN management software for the automotive industry.
  • Analysis of the stakes and commercial impact of a professional solution.
See more July - August 2016


These skills reflect a significant personal investment and are likely to be of interest to you.
Hard skills
C, C++
3/4 - Mastery
3/4 - Mastery
3/4 - Mastery
2/4 - Application
2/4 - Application

Soft skills


Curiosity, rigour and perseverance allow me to develop my skills, while being listening.


Emotional intelligence and communication are key skills in the professional environment, essential to integrate and manage a team.

Software development

I mainly develop softwares in C#, C++ and Python in order to create desktop and web applications.


My experience and interpersonal skills allow me to advise and train on various technical subjects.


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